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FullCircleJourney's Mission

Our world is currently undergoing a major paradigm shift. Through it's increased light quotient, it is undergoing a massive transformation process of raising it's frequency and vibration necessary for us to grow into higher consciousness and awareness.

The mission of this website is to help educate, enlighten and bring conscious awareness to the energetic changes necessary in order to help heal, restore and uplift humanity and the planet through this miraculous and transformative process . As our Souls undergo these internal, personal and planetary changes, we are reminded that we are always deeply loved, divinely guided and revered in the highest of ways throughout our journeys. As we individually raise ourselves up, we collectively help make a difference towards our evolution of Unity Consciousness and Oneness.


Training Programs Include Psychic-Clairvoyance Intuitive Development, Akashic Records Training, Angel and Spirit Guide Mastery Training

Intuitive Development

Learn to trust your own inner knowing by increasing your intuitive abilities and trusting in your internal guidance system

Akashic Records Training

The Akashic Records are what is know as the "Book of Life" or "The Mind of God".  As Soon as you are born, an etheric record

Angel & Spirit Guide Mastery Training

Learn who your Angels and Guides are and how they can help you heal and grow through your Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Evolution Training

Learn how you can increase your vibration by harmonizing and re-aligning to your divine genetic blueprint

You were meant to find Yourself!  You were meant to know & Love Yourself! You were meant to come home & Be You! ”

                                                          ~Rose Hernandez

Your Journey to Greater Adventure Awaits

Whether you are just starting out on your Spiritual path, or have actively been working on your ascension path for a while, our online courses, meditations and self-study tools make learning and self-discovery enjoyable and enlightening for your continued growth and evolution.

Discover your creative Talents & Abilities

You are a Divine Creator and the creator of your reality, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  Uncover your natural skills, talents and abilities by aligning your Higher Self with your Divine Will. 

What Others Say


Amazing, interesting and most of all very surprising for me!! Thank you so much for your support with this very small but exact cutout of my life. And I am sure, what you have let me know can bring more clearance in my life. I am very grateful.

Angel Lady



Before this, I was completely down, confused and depressed, but then after grounding myself and listening to your beautiful voice, my faith and trust in the Universe, and in myself came back very quickly. This clearing/healing truly saved me from darkness. Eternal love, gratitude and light to you.. Namaste

Magazine Editor


Thank you so much for your help. I am incredibly moved and thankful and mostly know and feel everything as I already began stepping into my destiny when I created my workspace at the cafe and all you talked about was already in my head as a future project. I feel so empowered thanks to you. Many, Many thanks :-)


Be Who You came Here to Be

True Enlightenment comes from knowing who you truly are so that you can express your greatest self in the world and realize your full potential.  

Rose Hernandez

Through a process of re-awakening to my Spiritual nature, I was able to find and rediscover the Spiritual Gifts that I always had within. This was both a process of unlearning old beliefs and relearning new perspectives and ways of being. This, I believe is the ultimate journey of the Soul, to reawaken to it's true Self.

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